P o r t r a i t s / How to Commission a Painting


“At best art captures life in fleeting yet telling moments.  They say that the human face is a meeting place of two unknowns, the infinity of the outer world and the uncharted inner world to which we alone have access.  I love painting people. The whole process is interesting, from the first meeting to the exciting moment when the canvas comes to life.”

Creating a portrait is a dance into the imagination, a collaboration of your vision and the artist’s.

  • The process begins with an initial meeting to discuss your portrait.
  • Clothing, background, size, and feeling will be discussed.
  • Next a photo session will be scheduled in my studio, at your home, or on location.
  • We will then review the photos and select the desired pose.
    I will make a life size sketch for your approval.
  • At this point, I am ready to start painting.
  • When the portrait is finished I will deliver your painting.
  • You will have captured a moment in time to be treasured in your family for generations.
  • Please contact  me by phone or email to discuss your painting and to schedule a meeting.

P o r t r a i t s / Gallery Selection

bella 2

  • Oil Portraits start at $900 and go up based on the amount of time and complexity of the subject.  It is best to call and we can discuss  your specific project.  All oil portraits are made life size so a simple portrait would be one person, head, and shoulders with a simple toned background approximately 16″ x 14″.  A more complex portrait would be a full standing portrait with props and a complicated background.
  • Pastel Sketches on toned paper start at $450.
  • Gift Certificates are available, in any dollar amount, towards the purchase of a painting.
  • Payment:  A deposit of 50% is required at approval of the preliminary sketches with the balance due upon completion of the painting.